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TORM is serious about its responsibility to the environment, the communities where we operate, and the employees and their families who drive our success. As our business grows, so must our commitment to safe, sustainable, and socially responsible business operations that make the future good for all of us.

In 2009, TORM was the first Danish shipping company to sign the UN Global Compact and commit to its principles regarding health, safety, labor rights, environmental protection, and anti-corruption. TORM continues to act on this commitment. In keeping with the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda, introduced in 2015, TORM places particular importance on sustainable development goals (SDG) 13, Climate Action, and 4, Quality Education.


As a major product tanker company, TORM recognizes its responsibility to the environment and has initiated a range of activities to minimize impact on our seas and atmosphere.

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TORM supports quality education in the communities where we hire the majority of our on and offshore employees.

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TORM’s comprehensive approach to maritime safety is based on the Danish Maritime Occupational Health Service’s rules and regulations to safeguard the approximately 90% of TORM employees who work at sea.

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Our Responsibility Report


Modern Slavery Statement

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Green Ship Recycling Policy

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