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TORM offers qualified candidates unique opportunities to pursue rewarding maritime careers.

When you begin as a cadet, you choose between two educations and career paths:

Deck cadets

Deck cadets embark on careers leading to Master Mariner qualifications, progressing from Cadet to Third Officer, Second Officer, Chief Officer, and finally Master.

Engine cadets

Engine cadets embark on careers leading toward Marine Engineer qualifications, progressing from Cadet to Fourth Engineer, Third Engineer, Second Engineer, and finally Chief Engineer.

Whatever path you choose, you can expect a proven combination of education, on-the-job training, excellent working conditions, and individual career planning that qualifies you for good positions in the maritime industry. Seafarers at TORM, no matter where they are on their personal career ladder, play a central role in TORM’s success. TORM hires seafarers directly through our own dedicated Marine HR departments and ensures their welfare at sea and ashore through our One TORM platform. This platform aligns safety, operational efficiency, and talent management for the mutual benefit of our employees and our customers. You will be treated with a personal and human touch during your progress through the program - you are not just a number. Your office-based contact team is always accessible to ensure your success along the journey.

  • You will receive pay during the practical period
  • During the practical period, you will take part in the ship’s daily operations. This means that you will quickly assume responsibilities
  • Good conditions for personnel while on board such as fitness equipment, social activities, and a seafarer specific wellbeing program which is highly prioritized by senior management

We are looking for applicants with:

  • Leadership skills
  • Technical flair
  • Ambitious and result-oriented
  • Flexible and willing to put in an extra effort
  • Good mathematical and English skills
  • Safety awareness and understanding
  • Completed a high school education, or appropriate vocational training with a supplementary course, and no criminal record*

*Additional local specific requirements may apply.


Apply via email to


Selected from locally recognized and approved maritime colleges


Apply online


Selected from local and Danish recognized and approved maritime colleges

IMPORTANT: TORM does not appoint external recruitment agencies for cadet selection. Additionally, TORM does not charge any application fee for this process.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on